Chicken Raising Tips For Beginners

If you’re thinking about raising chickens for eggs and meat for the first time, there’ll be a number of important steps to have to ensure that your chickens are happy and healthy. To begin, you may wish to be certain that you can easily handle the quantities of chickens you’ve got. For beginners, it’s ideal to begin with a few of chickens initially, and then enlarge your own flock as your expertise coping with them develops. That said, you shouldn’t begin with only one chicken. Chickens are extremely social creatures and you ought to begin with 2 hens (or maybe a rooster and a fish), but definitely fewer than a dozen chickens if you’re just beginning.

You’ll also have to choose what kind of chickens you desire. The principal distinction you want to pick from is between “layers” – chickens that have good egg putting records, frequently generating five to six eggs per week along with “meat birds” that are more for eating than for their egg production. Additionally, there are many different heirloom and reveal birds it is possible to select, if neither eggs is the main concern. You ought to be aware that if you want to know more about hens for egg production, a rooster isn’t essential for hens to lay eggs. But with no rooster current, the eggs won’t be fertilized. If you’re increasing show or heirloom chickens, you will surely need a rooster for breeding purposes.

To buy your chickens, you might want to assess what can be found at the regional feed store but lots of men and women would rather buy chickens online. A variety of online hatcheries sell chicks to buyers immediately after they are born. The chicks are voiced sent to you personally, and you might need to pick them up in the regional post office immediately when they arrive that you need to ensure that you’ll be about and available when they arrive. You have got to be certain that you all of the gear ready that they have to keep warm and be cleaned and watered until they’re old enough to be transferred into an outside chicken coop. Additionally, since most hatcheries won’t ship fewer than 25 chicks at one time, you might choose to locate a friend or neighbor that will divide the order with you.